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xoaks played Crimecraft

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xoaks said...
No description entered yet...

Crimecraft (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 25/AUG/09
48 minutes
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Game fucking sucks.
l-o-l, got a refund the next day it came out.
Not quite what I expected it to be
@xoaks Agreed haha I literally rofl'd the day I read about them being proud of having 100 players online. Score!

Really though the game was destined to fail, any game based on "gangsters" pretty much just plain fails. I remember playing in beta and there would be around 500 people on the game when it first had the wave of invites...then within an hour there would be around 10 people...rofl.
@Linked713 Er that hasn't even released yet, and it's cops vs. gangsters so it's a bit different. Games where you can choose what your character does are different in general than what I'm referring to.
@korncob well you havent heard of abp then. its a mmorpg and its not "omg team deathmatch" as it can look like... it's "like real world" where gangsters knows what cops are doing and cops knows whenever a group of gangsters are robbing or doing shit in the city. it's a real gangster game (if you take the gangster side). Pretty much GTA online, with everything better (including load time) - And closed beta went out.. 2 times.
@Linked713 Uh...yes I've heard of ABP ever since it was announced some odd years ago...not really interested in it.

The fact is it hasn't been released....so you can't call it a success or a fail, and neither will I.

If you like I can rephrase what I said and say all "ghetto-based" games are pretty fail, another for instance being 50 cent's games.
@korncob GTA says hi
The fact that this game requires a monthly fee, and requires more actual money for both the best equipment killed any chance of me checking this game out.
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